Five Bitcoin ATMs operators switched to Bitcoin Classic

Five Bitcoin ATMs operators from US announced the termination of using Bitcoin Core. 29 Bitcoin machines will be conducting transactions using the Bitcoin Classic.

One of these five operators, Bitlove, issued a statement where he explained such choice:

"Because of the functional Bitcoin network is going across the whole business, the discussion about the block size is of great importance for all of us, it's not just philosophizing. We are confident that the physical infrastructure with large blocks really can be reliable and successful."

Coinucopia, Herocoin, Tobitcoin and Sumbits are other Bitcoin ATMs operators that supported the Bitcoin Protocol Classic.

The decision affected, in total, 29 Bitcoin ATMs in the country. There 259 Bitcoin ATMs in the U.S.A.

Although changing of the Protocol with Bitcoin Core does not involve any visible changes for users, each Bitcoin ATM is also an infrastructure node. This means that another 29 nodes were added to the Bitcoin Classic, further amplifying the split in the Bitcoin community about ways of increasing the unit size.

Fierce debate over the size of block continues. Many important figures of the Bitcoin move to Bitcoin Classic. Among these players are Coinbase, Xapo and one of the mining platforms — Slush Pool.

At the moment the number of Bitcoin Classic supporters grows, however, the end of the discussion about block size by adopting acceptable for most solutions is far away. According to some experts, the recently released version Bitcoin Core 0.12.0 in the coming weeks could further exacerbate differences.